About this project

Brazilians Who Code is a Twitter directory of accomplished Brazilians in the tech industry. It aims to help people find notable and relevant voices to follow on Twitter by parsing Twitter bios for popular keywords. This entire website is built based on the source code of Women Who Design, and we highly appreciate they opening their code :).

Source code

Brazilians Who Code is happy to support new directories highlighting underrepresented or marginalized groups. If you’re looking to start a similar effort, feel free to fork the project on GitHub.

Joining the list

If you want to be included in our list of developers, just follow @BR_whocode on Twitter. We'll follow you back and you will be automatically added to the website.

Removing yourself from the list

If you’ve been featured in the website and you’d rather not be, please send a DM to @BR_whocode on Twitter and you will be removed.

Similar directories

Examining diversity along the axis of gender is one small piece of the puzzle. If you’ve found this site to be valuable, please take a look at the work of friends in the industry building similar efforts.

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